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Cyrandall Valley
Board Members

The HOA Board of Directors operates like any non-profit corporate board except the board members are not paid or compensated. The Board is authorized under the Articles of Incorporation, the HOA ByLaws, and Board Resolutions. The Board must also operate under the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia related to the POA Act and House Bill 516. The Association Times web site (http://www.associationtimes.com/articles2004/rolebod1104.htm) has an excellent set of articles on the role of the Board, its Officers, and its operation.
The current board members are:
  • Robert Powers - President
  • Lesley Edgemon- Vice President
  • Michael McDonald - Secretary
  • Kevin Zhang - Treasurer
  • Faiza Alam - Member at Large; Chair of Architectural Review Committee
For any questions or comments for the Cyrandall Valley HOA board, please send e-mail to: board@cyrandallvalley.com.